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Why Shield Law Can Be Ineffective In Protecting Journalist Sources

South Australia lately became the second to last country to maneuver shield laws that purport to aid journalists prevent naming their private sources. What Is the consequence of the law? to answer this query we will need to look briefly at recent history. Attorneys and physicians and priests, for this matter, though this is presently

Hashtag Puzzle: How Should Journalists Negotiate Public And Private On Social Media?

Journalistic objectivity has come under the spotlight as debate rages over a recent high court decision that ruled that offshore processing of asylum seekers is legal. That is no doubt that an emotionally charged argument, and How Australia deals with asylum seekers was under scrutiny for a while. For journalists working on the narrative, it may make a conundrum

At A Time Of Anxiety: A Sad New Reality For Local Journalists In Conflict Areas

Afghanistan, that the bombing that killed nine neighborhood reporters a week at Kabul was a sober reminder of the risks the media continue to confront in the nation’s seemingly endless battle. The sufferers weren’t well known overseas correspondents, but a bunch of brave Afghan photographers, reporters and cameramen who’d gone to report another bomb blast